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Meet Jelena Necić, architect with an eye for small things

After our three amazing fashion designers, Nika Ravnik, Tanja Pađan and Jona Bednjanec, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is proud to present our new product designer Jelena Necić from daskka.

Jelena is an architect from Belgrade who is part of daskka design team together with her architect friend Anja Vuković. Daskka produces wooden serving and cutting boards with a little twist: colorful boards with simple geometrical patterns. Other than in the kitchen, the beautiful daskka boards can also be used as a wall decoration. The story of the brand began by accident three years ago, when Anja started to design and paint wooden boards left over from her work project with furniture. They put together their creativity with Jelena and started to design useful and visually impressive boards.

For Jelena the most important thing with her work is creativity and that she can express herself in as many fields as she wants. “Architecture is a combination of engineering and creativity. I also like the engineering part, to solve some problem”, she says. Jelena has very different interests, which is why she likes architecture that can provide a very wide sector of work.

BIG BERRY People DY Jelena working

BIG BERRY People DY Jelena sketch

Interior design, especially small houses and small things are Jelena’s favorite. With small houses, you need to solve the issue of how to use the small space efficiently. That is why the BIG BERRY Product Design Project is perfect for her: she really likes the creative BIG BERRY houses! “It can give you a completely different perspective on living in nature: you live in nature and you also live in a really beautiful space”, she says.

Jelena’s favorite items in BIG BERRY are, of course, the BIG BERRY House and the BIG BERRY BBQ House. During her five-day visit at our resort she designed various wooden items which will enrich BIG BERRY brand for sure!