Luxury of freedom


Meet Helena Matič, our ice-skating designer

Our 24 year-old-designer from Zagreb is among the seven students from Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb who came with their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin to bring freshness to BIG BERRY resort.

This beautiful young lady is actually studying both industrial production and design which allows her creativity to thrive even more. Even though she does not have specific plans for the future, she knows being part of the fashion industry is what she wants, and she will be for sure!

But our radiant designer is not just interested in fashion and design. Indeed she also loves ice-skating. By the way, she is the one who design and create the dresses of the ice-skating team which represents the biggest challenge she have had to overcome. Pleasing twenty girls who all have different ideas is everything but easy, without forgetting that this is not normal cloths but sportswear! In spite of that, she still accepts the same challenge every year.

Greeting her and her baby dog Cruz was an honor. They both have enjoyed their stay in BIG BERRY resort. Besides, Helena confided that she actually fell in love with the murals of the seven houses that have been created by the seven artists BIG BERRY welcomed for the Art Colony project.

We hope that she enjoyed designing in BIG BERRY luxury of freedom as much as we are proud for having her with us.


Stay tunned! To see more pictures of the event click here!


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