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Iztok Oblak - Hayrack Replica Specialist

Iztok Oblak, the perfectionist and one of the most patient people ever spends around 8 hours daily cutting, gluing and grinding small pieces of wood to make hayrack (“kozolec”) replicas, a free-standing, permanent and mainly wooden device for drying and storing the goods: hay and grain. It is the only ethnical architecture known to exist exclusively in the territory of Slovenia.

Iztok, born and raised in Slovenia, graduated and worked as electrical engineer for radio communications, but discovered his unique passion after retirement. Now he spends around 500 hours on building one such hayrack house with all the tiniest details, from windows, doors, ladders to toilete spaces. In 15 years of self-taught delicate carpenter work, he built over 40 hayracks, not for profit but rather as a hobby. He regularly goes to exhibitions in Slovenian shopping malls or open air markets to display his works of art. Although, he loves the most building these Slovenian symbols that you can see on every corner while driving through Slovenian rural areas, he gladly accepts orders and makes other kind of houses.

Not a long time ago, he started making BIG BERRY House for 4 people. The replica house will also have all the details in the interior, as well as the exterior, and taking down the roof person will be able to see the actual house layout. House is expected to be finished in the middle of December 2017.

Stay tuned!

Iztok Oblak
E: [email protected]


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