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Fortunate seventh edition of BIG BERRY Mastermind with GEA College!

Fortunate seventh edition of BIG BERRY Mastermind took place past weekend, June 10-11th. This time project was led by Rok Kozelj, Marketing Director at GEA College. Our Mastermind strongly believes in social interaction, teamwork, entrepreneurial mindset and relationship management, what was visible in our cooperation. He gave us a great portion of a practical knowledge through lectures, workshops and the time spent actively with BIG BERRY team.

This weekend the audience was very excited to listen to two lectures that Rok Kozelj provided. First of them was named: "COMPETENCES FOR 21 st CENTURY". It referred to the team working not only theoretically, listeners took active roles in Marshmallow Challenge. The second day we have dedicated our attention to business relationships. The lecture named: "Efficient communicate with different personalities and power of relationship" was unusual and very useful.

To gain some practical knowledge from Rok Kozelj's presentation at BIG BERRY – you are welcomed to see LIVESTREAM just below the photo and see attached interview.

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