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Zlati Ghee

The first thing you notice upon arriving at Zlati Ghee kitchen is the special atmosphere. There is no sign of haste and mass production, but only friendship, music and good energy. Zlati Ghee is made from natural butter, produced of milk from ecological and free range farm. Its product selection includes: Zlati Ghee (the golden butter), SeGhee (ghee with sesame seeds), ČeGhee (ghee with wild garlic), TartuGhee (ghee with truffles), GarGhee (ghee with garlic and parsley), LeGhee (ghee with hazelnut and cinnamon), Gheek (ghee popcorn) and Ghee face cream. Ghee butter has been known for over 3,000 to 5,000 years all over the world for its many benefits for the body and skin.

Zavod za zdravo življenje - Zlati Ghee
Jugorje pri Metliki 8
8331 Suhor

P: +386 40 542 364

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