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3.9 km - 6 mins drive

Status is a family company which has been developing vacuum sealed containers since 1995. Their work over the years has been fuelled by the desire to develop...
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Kolpa d.d.

4.7 km - 7 mins drive

Kolpa is a leading producer of bathroom equipment in Central and Southeastern Europe. The Kolpa high-quality bathroom equipment and the composite material...
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Ekološka Kmetija Totter

9.2 km - 13 mins drive

Ekološka kmetija Totter, situated only 10 minutes away from BIG BERRY, is a family business which arose from the love for animals. This local producer...
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Ekološka kmetija Župnca

9.6 km - 13 mins drive

The growing demand for organic vegetables, produced in a traditional manner with a professional approach, has led Ekološka kmetija Župnca to focus on food...
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Domačija Šrajf

11.4 km - 15 mins drive

Our partner Šrajf is engaged in baking homemade delicacies, various types of homemade pastries according to the recipes of their grandmother. Their products...
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RIC Bela krajina

12.8 km - 17 mins drive

RIC Bela Krajina was established to carry out tasks of local tourism organizations and business development center for planning, organizing and implementing...
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Domača obrt Cvitkovič

14.4 km - 18 mins drive

Domača Obrt Cvitkovič is focused on making products made of linen, the traditional material for the region. The whole process starts with planting flex...
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Zlati Ghee

14.5 km - 18 mins drive

The first thing you notice upon arriving at Zlati Ghee kitchen is the special atmosphere. There is no sign of haste and mass production, but only friendship,...
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4 kids and us

84.2 km - 1 hour 28 mins drive

Introducing Jure and Vanja, a married couple with four kids. All of their kids happened to have a very sensitive skin along with dermatological problems...
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105 km - 1 hour 24 mins drive

T-2 is a modern company, which offers quality and reliable telecommunications, information and media services for BIG BERRY and all major cities in Slovenia....
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Senčila Bled

155 km - 1 hour 53 mins drive

During the last 20 years, a small family business has expanded into a developed company, named Senčila Bled. They produce blinds, mosquito nets and awnings...
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Duke Group

200 km - 2 hours 17 mins drive

Duke Group is a dynamic and innovative company supplying the entire Ho.Re.Ca sector with professional equipment of high quality and innovative design....
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218 km - 2 hours 37 mins drive

Kreal is a company focused on original, advanced and creative integrated solutions (services and equipment) for open public spaces, made of aluminium and...
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272 km - 2 hours 59 mins drive

ROTO d.o.o is a 35 years old Slovenian manufacturer of plastic products, working in cooperation with several engineers and institutes. This BIG BERRY’s...
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