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Kmetija Pavlovič

2.8 km - 6 mins drive

It all runs in the family Danilo Pavlovič is a family man, father of 2 with a regular job but with the passion of running his farm in the Southeast Slovenia,...
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Domače dobrote Mojca

5.4 km - 9 mins drive

Mojca established a long tradition of baking cakes for different occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, communions and many others. Besides...
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Kmetija Štrucelj

9.3 km - 13 mins drive

Farm Štrucelj is one of the leading producers of milk and dairy products in the region of Bela Krajina which doesn’t come as a surprise once you consider...
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Domačija Kuzma

14.8 km - 19 mins drive

A visit to Domačija Kuzma will take you back to 16th century when the flour was manufactured from dozen different cereals. Back in that time, flour was...
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Kmetija Kočevar

16.2 km - 23 mins drive

Kočevar family first started by producing hemp liqueur exclusively for family and friends. In only three years, family broadened the selection of their...
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Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič

16.7 km - 22 mins drive

Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič is a farm that invites its visitors to enjoy the beautiful and magnificent nature of Bela Krajina region. There you can see...
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32.9 km - 38 mins drive

Berryshka is an elegant, flavoursome and genuine family creation that spans over twenty years. Established by father Jože, the company first started with...
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