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KZ Metlika

3.6 km - 5 mins drive

The underground built, 108 meters long wine cellars are inviting to their premises all lovers of true, noble Bela Krajina wine. With an annual production...
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Kmetija Šuklje

7.1 km - 10 mins drive

Šuklje has a tradition of more than 140 years and started when ancestor Matija Šuklje bought the hill and planted the first grape vine. The love towards...
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Semiška Penina

11.4 km - 16 mins drive

In 1998, the Simonič family decided to contribute to the wine variety of Bela Krajina region and started producing sparkling wine. Only two years after,...
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Vinogradništvo Malnarič

13.9 km - 20 mins drive

Malnarič winery is one of the oldest and biggest wineries in Bela Krajina region. Started centuries ago, the winery has been owned and operated by Malnarič...
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Pivovarna Vizir

14.3 km - 20 mins drive

Vizir is the largest microbrewery in Slovenia and it is located in the heart of Bela Krajina, 5 km away from town Črnomelj. Their beers are produced using...
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