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Wine house Pečarič

Welcome to our cosy little vineyard cottage which can accommodate up to 60 people and where you can participate in our wine story. Through our presentation you will become acquainted with our wines and if you like, we can prepare cold cuts with home-made dried meat and cheese and a flat cake. White Carniola is wedged between the refreshing Kolpa river and welcoming hills of Gorjanci. The sight on the white birches slows down your step and makes you notice the life around you. The experience among the vines and alongside a glass of wine creates new friendships and time worth reliving.

This region is home to our 18,000 vines, which stand as a testament to the power of the sun and the soil. Diversity in the vineyard and skilfulness in the wine cellar enable us to produce still as well as sparkling wines and dry as well as naturally sweet wines. While visiting our wine cellar, you can take the opportunity to visit some of the nearby sights and attractions of Bela krajina; the nearest ones are the pilgrimage churches Tri fare, the old town centre in Metlika, the Kambič Gallery, the Bela Krajina Museum and the Slovenian Fire Fighters Museum. Another natural phenomenon you can enjoy here are the “steljniki” (birch trees with rich fern undergrowth).

Čurile 7

8330 Metlika

T  +386 7 30 59 016

M +386 41 217 950
M +386 41 753 263 (English)

E  [email protected]

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