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Wine cellar KZ Metlika

The underground built 108 meters long cellars that are the very special type of tunnel are inviting in their premises all lovers of true noble Bela Krajina wine. With an annual production of around 750,000 liters of wine cooperative winery covers the entire vineyard region and wine-growing district of Bela Krajina.

In Bela Krajina, there are planted about 600 hectares of vineyards on the sunny slopes of Gorjanci which extend at an altitude of 200 to 350 meters. KZ Metlika has 26 new hectares of its own vineyards, the planted 110,000 vines that have the best location on the slopes of Vinomer and Vidošiči around the famous church of Sv. Ana. For their needs cellar acquisition and it buys grapes from nearly 200 belokranjskih growers which are members of the cooperative and cooperators. We believe that quality is born already in the vineyard, so it is all hand-harvested grapes processing in excellent condition and provides high-quality processing and wine production. The wine cellar is devoted a lot of attention. Watch maturation, in particular, give him enough time to settle down, cleaned and ripen.

Formerly own production and selection of vines and grading grafts is currently in consultation and collaboration with members of the cooperative, vine growers, who carried out a vaccination process and the education of the younger grafts in the nursery. In cooperation with the vine growers also sell grafts.

The wines are all reflected belokranjskih soil, climate, geographical location, grape type, year and the work of our winegrower and cellarman. Wines are never identical, but they are so genuine and unique. Intertwining of tradition in the basement and modern technology in production guarantees solid wall championship titles and showcases awards, which testify to the rich history and forward thinking in the production of Bela Krajina wines - and all this is a wine cellar Metlika.

KZ METLIKA z.o.o. 
Cesta XV. brigade 2 
8330 Metlika, SLOVENIJA

tel: 07/363 70 00
fax: 07/363 70 11

[email protected]

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