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Stari trg ob Kolpi

Stari trg (“The Old Market”) is the largest settlement in Poljanska dolina, and lies 15km from Črnomelj. Its name originates from the period of the Turkish invasion, when Stari trg played a strategic role and was an important trade centre. The wide central street, surrounded by one-storey houses, ends with a parish Church of St. Joseph. The Church of the Calvary St. Andrew lies outside the settlement, along the road Stari trg - Deskova vas. The path to the church twists along 12 chapels representing the Stations of the Cross, which were erected in 2000. Fourteen original chapels situated on both sides of the road were destroyed during the Second World War. Stone gates of some houses in Stari trg ob Kolpi might be a particular point of interest to some visitors.

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