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Šokčev Dvor, Žuniči

Šokčev dvor in Žuniči is a typical Bela krajina farm house of the near Kolpa region, and is one of protected cultural monuments of the Kolpa Regional Park. The farm can be spotted off the Vinica - Adlešiči road when entering the village, some 20km from Črnomelj. This is a farm house with an enclosed courtyard, consisting of a house, a shed, and a barn, all connected by a wall with an entrance door. In this renovated house you can see the farm room, where old furniture, cradle, old farm clothes, and home-made linen have been put on display. The other room with an old baker's oven serves as a dining room, which is perfect for groups and all other visitors to take a seat and ponder away...

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