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Nature Park Lahinja (Veliki Nerajec, Pusti Gradec)

In the heart of Bela krajina, the Lahinja River, as well as forests, marshes and wetland pastures surrounding it, offer many surprises. From the cultural and historical perspective the village Pusti Gradec, where the river Lahinja makes a loop, is the sight of a rare uninhabited prehistoric settlement in Europe. Under a massive rock, which marks the location of the medieval castle, one finds a still active Klepčev mill and sawmill.

A guided tour of the Nature Park Lahinja including a tour guide, aperitif, homemade juice, and bottled water. 
VISITING HOURS: Monday at 10:00
                              or according to prior reservation
PRICE: 4€ per person

Nature Park Lahinja (Veliki Nerajec)
Veliki Nerajec
8343 Dragatuš
P: +386 30663567
E: [email protected]


A guided tour of the Nature Park Lahinja from the little town Pusti Gradec including tour guide, visit to historical church, explanation of Klepčev mill and sawmill onsite. 
VISITING HOURS: According to prior reservation
PRICE: 2.50€ per person (2€ for child)

Nature Park Lahinja (Pusti Gradec)
Pusti Gradac 10
8343 Dragatuš 
P: +386 73057660 
     +386 41720109



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