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Metlika's castle

Metlika Castle was first mentioned in 1456, but it is unlikely in its design much older. Together with the city is mainly in the 15th and 16th centuries played a key role in the defense of Kranjska before the bloody Turkish invasions. The castle, which has no major damage survived the Second World War, the older of the past had no such luck. After fires in 1705 and 1790 it was renovated and castle building, which on Valvasor's copper engraving works still quite a fortress, was given the character of a comfortable city residence.

The first owners of the castle are not known. In the 16th century it was owned by the Counts Alape, then Frankopan and for them the Zagreb chapter. In 1792 he was bought by the Ljubljana landlord Joseph Savinšek, but ennobled by his successors in 1899 sales.

Later it changed a few owners and users, and in 1951 was it started operating Bela Krajina Museum. In addition to the Bela Krajina Museum with organized permanent collections and Ganglovim exhibition center near the castle is a collection of Slovenian firefighters museum. From the courtyard, we can enter the wedding room. castle cellar, wine-growing collection, TIC, or take a look at the lapidary under the arcades. In summer, the castle was the scene of cultural events under the common title "Come evening on the town," while in the middle of May trapped in the three-day event called Wine vigred. In its present form, the castle shows as a wide stretched story building with arranged attic, built on a pentagonal ground surface. Her enter through the porch of the double-deckers entrance tower, which leads to a spacious arcaded inner courtyard.

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