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Homestead Kuzma - old watermill and rejuvenating beach

Watermill Kuzma or, in Slovenian, Grajski mlin and Kuzmina malenica, is situated in the basin below the Pobrežje castle and has helped the ascent of this castle from the very beginning. By visiting Kuzma homestead, you will walk through history, from 17th century until today. During the display of grinding, the flour that is being made in front of your eyes brings back old memories, tradition and rituals. You can also rejuvenate on a natural bathing place, choose a canoe ride or enjoy the scenery with a glass of homemade rakija.

VISITING HOURS: Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 16:00h
PRICE: 10€

Domačija Kuzma
Pobrežje 4
8341 Adlešiči

P: +386 40681440
E-mail: [email protected]

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