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Gradac's castle

The castle is located on a bend of the river Lahinja and was first mentioned in written sources in 1326 as Gracz. In the beginning of the 17th century the castle was owned by the famous and wealthy Italian noble family counts Thurn-Valsassina. In 1692 it came into the hands of dominion precious Burgstallov, owners of the castle Krupa and Pobrežje. At the end of the century, the castle was owned by the families Gusic.
In the castle's park there is a tomb with a stone sarcophagus  deceased George Gušićin 1831, penultimate owner who was rebuilding the castle to imprint its mark. In 1846 the castle was bought by Franz knight Fridau who was in Graz in 1858 to build iron foundry with a smelting furnace and supplied with iron ore, nakopano in Bela Krajina. Iron foundry operated until 1882, then it changed a few owners - the last of whom was before the Second World War, Zagreb dealer Šutej. During World War II he was in the castle partisan hospital as well as officers' school VDV. After the war it was a school for nurturing youth and then farm-household school until after 1956 transformed into an apartment.

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