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Struga castle

Struga Castle is a very well example of a historical castle and a characteristic castle architecture of the 16th century. Due to the distinctive position of the Kolpa River is one of the important monuments in the ambient Dolenjsko. It also has cultural and historical significance as it is also known by Tavčarjeva tale island and the channel.

Due to its popular neighbor, Otočec Castle, the long-lived quietly and unnoticed is patiently waiting for the correct moment. The castle is decorated for the visit and see the castle life, to make it a real museum of living history. Wolf widget Turjaški of Struga and Eleonora Sobjeska with Rihenberka and Struga invite you to visit them at the castle. With an animated tour will take you to the fabulous time of the end of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque.

Gumberk 9
8222 Otočec
+386 (0) 31 230 163


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