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Gostilna in picerija Šentpeter

The inn has a beautiful ambience and view of the river Krka. Situated near Otočec Castle and the motorway, from Novo Mesto to 7 km away. There is plenty of parking, inner space for 100 people, an outdoor terrace for 50 people and a children's playground. Offering food is very diverse such as Slovenian dishes, Italian cuisine, pizzas, Mexican cuisine, seasonal offer. They also offer snacks, lunches and menus for groups.

110 + 60 seats outside
Working time:
9:00 to 22:00
Sunday and holidays: 11:30 to 10:00 p.m.

Šentpeter 10a
8222 Otočec
+386 (0)7 30 99 999, +386 (0)31 630 213
[email protected]


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