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City of Črnomelj

A walk around Črnomelj tells the story of the town’s vibrant history.

The main square Trg Svobode is surrounded by the medieval castle, commandry of the German Knights Order and the building of the former savings and loan bank. The pastoral centre with its archaeological heritage located next to St, Peter’s parish church and the gothic Church of the Holy Spirit are a testament to the town’s long history. The Church of the Holy Spirit dates back to the 15th century and is located on ancient grounds that were inhabited during the Neolithic Period. Today, after a complete renovation, it reopened in 12007 as a cultural venue. Nearby, you will find Primožič House, the home of local craftsmen.

With prior arrangements, groups like to visit Črnomaljska klet, a wine tasting cellar of the Wine Information Centre Bela Krajina. Many also visit the impressive monument in remembrance of those killed in the Second World Wat at Griček hill. Bela Krajina was cradle of partisanship and memorial plaques on many buildings all around Črnomelj bear witness to the importance of the town in that period. The museum of Brown Coal Mine Kanižarica located near Črnomelj tells the story of the town’s industrial past.


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