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Bistra Buča: Traditional School Experience

The school is intended to promote understanding of Bela Krajina humorous and entertaining way. The idea of designing such schools was born from the famous Bela Krajina comedian, writer, cultural worker and a man of many talents named Toni Gašperiču. Bistra Buča can visit at any time of the year by prior arrangement. It caters for both younger as well as older people, who will be visiting the school revived memories of former times. Jože Matekovič, which is the teacher of primary school, adapted and implied for visitors. There, visitor when they visited experience sixties. They can learn a unique way as a tourist destination and heritage of Bela Krajina.

Contact Elementary School - SOCIETY Krabat 
Radovica 32
8330 Metlika

Contact: Jože Matekovič 
P: +386 (0)40147798 
E: [email protected]

*Lecture available only in Slovenian language

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