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Arquaelogical Heritage of Podzemelj

Within the educational path Kučar-Kolpa it is possible to explore the archaeological heritage of Podzemelj and its close surroundings. On a circular path in natural environment you can find many information boards about locations and findings. The area has been inhabited already back in the early iron age (8th – 4th century B.C.), as evidenced by several sepulchral mounds from that period. Mounds are arranged along the northern and southern foothills of the Kučar hill, where a fortified settlement, an ancient fort, once stood. The settlement was the centre of the biggest and most important settlement complex in Bela krajina in that period. An Old Christian centre with two churches and a large residential building was erected on the northern peak of Kučar in the Late Roman Age (5th – 6th century). However, you can find more information on the boards, in the brochure, or online.

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