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Klagenfurt Austria


Lido Sommer-Restaurant

0.3 km - 1 min drive

Lido Sommer-Restaurant is a good place with well served typical Austrian dishes and beverages. Austrian cuisine is a style of cuisine native to Austria...
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Mopeds Rental in Eberndorf

0.3 km - 1 min drive

A moped is a small motorcycle, generally having a less stringent licensing requirement than motorcycles or automobiles because mopeds typically travel...
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The Giant Chess

0.3 km - 1 min drive

The eye-catching garden giant chess board is situated just 320 meters from BIG BERRY house. This big attraction is made from strong, polyurethane plastic...
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A Walk in the Wood

0.3 km - 1 min drive

A mountain hiking tour through the wood is very good idea to spend the time actively. The BIG BERRY house is situated close to the hill where are organized...
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2.0 km - 5 mins drive

Eberndorf is a market medieval town of the Völkermarkt District in Carinthia, Austria. In the late 11th century the Aribonid count Kazelin founded Eberndorf...
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Buschenschank Kordesch

3.4 km - 6 mins drive

Buschenschank Kordesch in Eberndorf, Carinthia is a traditional gastropub with typical, home made Austrian food. Hidden off the beaten path near Tomerteich...
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Gösselsdorfer See

4.7 km - 8 mins drive

Gösselsdorfer See is a lake in Carinthia District. This largely silted up lake is located between the municipalities of Eberndorf and Sittersdorf. It is...
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Klopeiner See

5.7 km - 8 mins drive

Swimming at the Klopeiner See in one of the best ideas for chilling out. You should know that a "beach" consists of a lakeside grass lawn which is very...
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Gracarca tour

6.2 km - 12 mins drive

Gracarca is a mountain located southeast of Lake Klopein in Carinthia, with an altitude of 676 m above sea level. The heightside itself was declared a...
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Vogelpark Turnersee

7.1 km - 12 mins drive

A perfect place for bird lovers of all ages close to BIG BERRY Klagenfurt! As a popular excursion destination in the holiday region of Klopeiner See/Turnersee,...
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Oldtimermusem – a perfect place for car-lovers!

12.4 km - 14 mins drive

Oldtimermusem – a perfect place for car lovers!On a surface of more than 1000m2, you can find different cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc. Not only...
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15.3 km - 19 mins drive

A pleasant 45-kilometer-drive southeast of Klagenfurt and just minutes from the border with Slovenia, the small market town of Eisenkappel-Vellach is well...
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Museum im Lavanthaus

22.6 km - 30 mins drive

The Museum in the Lavanthaus, the owner of the ‘Austrian Museum Seal’, is the Regional Museum of the Lavant Valley. It sees itself as a platform of knowledge...
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30.1 km - 34 mins drive

People, who are really into music can just pass by this place! A unique possibility to dive into the world of keyboards. Close contact with the instruments...
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Trinity Column in the square Alter Platz

31.3 km - 38 mins drive

Originally made of wood, built around 1681 on the Heiligengeistplatz as thanks for the town’s being preserved from the plague. After the victory over the...
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Regional Museum of Carinthia

31.5 km - 37 mins drive

The Regional Museum of Carinthia (Landesmuseum Kärnten) was established in 1844 to house the city's rich collections on the natural history, art, and life...
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Neuer Platz and the Dragon Fountain

31.6 km - 39 mins drive

The central feature of the newer part of Klagenfurt is the spacious Neuer Platz, home to the city's most famous landmark, the massive Dragon Fountain (Lindwurmbrunnen)....
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The Landhaus and the Emblem Halls

31.7 km - 39 mins drive

Between Alter Platz and Heiligengeistplatz stands Klagenfurt's most imposing secular building, the Landhaus. Constructed between 1574-90 on the site of...
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City Theater in Klagenfurt

31.8 km - 38 mins drive

City Theater is a pavilion-like art nouveau style building with decorative sculpture figures. Built 1908-1910 by Viennese architect's office and theater...
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Klagenfurt Cathedral

32.0 km - 39 mins drive

Built between 1578-91, Klagenfurt Cathedral (Dom zu Klagenfurt) has, since 1787, been the cathedral of the Prince-Bishop of Gurk who resides in Klagenfurt....
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Hochosterwitz Castle

35.9 km - 39 mins drive

Perched high atop a crag some 160 meters above the town of Launsdorf, just 21 kilometers northeast of Klagenfurt, sprawls the imposing Hochosterwitz Castle...
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The Pilgrimage Church of Maria Saal

35.9 km - 38 mins drive

St. Mary's Church in Maria Saal (Gemeinde Maria Saal), sits high on a hill some ten kilometers north of Klagenfurt and is one of the leading places of...
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Viktring Abbey

37.2 km - 44 mins drive

On the southwestern outskirts of Klagenfurt, the borough of Viktring is known for its 12th-century Cistercian abbey (Stift-Viktring). Founded in 1142 and...
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Botanic Garden

37.5 km - 41 mins drive

Address: Prof. Dr. Kahler Platz 1, Klagenfurt 9020, AustriaPhone Number: +43(0)463
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40.9 km - 39 mins drive

A little to the west of Klagenfurt is the wonderful Minimundus, a miniature town made up of models of some of the most recognizable buildings from around...
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Guided Segway Tours

41.8 km - 40 mins drive

The Segway PT (originally Segway HT) is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. The name Segway is derived...
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Kartbahn Rosental

43.9 km - 49 mins drive

Do you like speed? If yes, you should definitely visit this place! The Kartbahn Rosental is the indoor kart track in Carinthia, where all karting enthusiasts...
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Strandbad Maiernigg

44.0 km - 44 mins drive

Strandbad Maiernigg is a beautiful place to spend time relaxing, swimming, enjoying nature and the stunning landscape. On the place, you will have the...
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49.7 km - 57 mins drive

A day spent exploring Wörthersee, the 20-kilometer-by-two-kilometer lake connecting Klagenfurt to Velden, is a day well spent. Surrounded by steep, heavily...
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62.0 km - 1 hour 1 min drive

I believe I can fly! Do you believe? Enjoy the spectacular view and panoramas of carinithian mountains and lakes during an unforgettable paraglider-tandem...
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Affenberg – Monkey Mountain!

63.1 km - 52 mins drive

A universe, live, on the Affenberg – “Monkey Mountain”! At the “Monkey Mountain” you’re not just an external observer looking into cages. No, you are right...
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Alte Platz and the Town Halls

107 km - 1 hour 45 mins drive

The core of the oldest part of Klagenfurt is the long street known as Alte Platz. Now a pleasant pedestrian zone, this lovely old street is surrounded...
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