Luxury of freedom


Do it your way



Unique accommodation

Walk out to a sunny terrace, sip your drink while sitting in a butterfly chair or a hot tub and gaze into the mesmerizing Kolpa River. Spacious houses with smart storage solutions, bathroom with a walk-in shower and a fully equipped kitchen are just some of the wonders we offer. 

Relax and enjoy the comfort of a bright, modern home. 

Local touch

Allow yourself to hide from the prying eyes, enter our neck of the woods, and shamelessly enjoy a delicious, 100% local, healthy breakfast, in the commodity of your private terrace. Please your palate to locally made beer, wine, oil, chocolate and liqueur!

Feel the atmosphere, embrace the culture. We will make you feel like home.

Untouched nature

Did you know that the green is emotionally positive colour? BIG BERRY Kolpa River is located in the Slovenian countryside famous for its lush green scenery and unspoilt nature. Adding to that the facilities we offer, there's no doubt that your event will be a complete success.

Recharge and detox - embrace the scenery and silence. 

Discover the location

 Formal event or informal gathering? Open space or closed venue? BIG BERRY Resort surface is 25000 m2and you can use various locations according to your event type, number of participants or weather conditions. It's not just about thinking inside or outside the box...

 Let's redesign the box!

Guilty pleasures

BIG BERRY Kolpa River focuses on the "Luxury of Freedom" lifestyle. Pamper yourself with a massage or dip in a hot tub. Sit back and savour every drop of locally-brewed beer while enjoying a movie in our open-air cinema. Sometimes it's a good idea to mix business and pleasure.

Come and see it for yourself!

Outdoor activities

Choose between various activities onsite or about the region. Try out horseback riding, canoeing, archery or rafting. Enjoy beach volleyball, yoga or a hike in the nature. We offer perfect activities for a teambuilding. So, choose your favourite activity, gather a team and get busy! 

Join the adventure through outdoor activities. 

Plan your event with BIG BERRY

Find all the information you need to plan your perfect event in BIG BERRY. Whether you want to lease the whole resort, organise reception event, rent equipment or book a tour, just enter a desired activity in BIG BERRY event calculator to estimate the costs of your customized event. 

Book your event on Tuesday and Thursday and get up to 20% discount on accommodation and 10% on extra services.



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