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BB Royal Cards


BB Royal Cards are the most picturesque representation of the essence of one of our pillars (JOIN) and what we do in general. Started out as one of the projects, but considering the impact it made, BB Royal Cards have evolved into so much more. BB Royal Cards (and all they represent) have ensured that BIG BERRY is one of the key drivers for the business development of the community. Since its inception, the project counts 41 entities, working together to bring the region and our guests the very best of Bela krajina.

Concept created, and hand drawn by our talented Berries Mariliza and Nika; these vintage-like cards bring partnerships and cooperation to the next level. 

An artisan reminder that everything you need, is within your grasp.

Designer of Royal Card

Nika from Poland


Nika Fleszar, Pl

If I could be a great painter and I needed to choose the one from already existing, I would choose...

Hard to choose from so many great artists who gave me inspiration... I should choose Gustav Klimt for his impressionist sense of color, precise line and shiny gold touch in his paintings. He influenced the next generations of artists and I wish I could do that, too.

My favorite color is...

Turquoise, it always reminds me of the clear and warm sea.

The song that always makes my mood go up is... 

Whenever I listen to Bobby McFerrin song 'Don't worry, be happy' I feel better (and I like to join the whistling part).

I decided to be a part of BIG BERRY because...

Because my creativity and ideas can bloom and improve the projects we work on together. It's a motivational and rewarding job.

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