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BB Lantern


Your way will always be brightened by the BB Lantern. It creates an atmosphere of intimacy and coziness wherever you use it: on the house terrace, BBQ place or reception terrace.

It happens so often that small things make the biggest difference around us.

These details give a character and charm to every house. With the warm, fuzzy, orange-tinged glow, our Red Violet Lantern is thoughtfully set to give a welcoming feeling and a cozy backdrop to all of BIG BERRY evenings.

Lantern creates an intimate and cozy vibe, wherever you choose to place it. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is an ideal way to add some light and coziness after the sunset at a barbecue event or a garden party. They will surely cover the tables in a warm light, while the flickering candle will create the most beautiful effects - whether romantic or cheerful.

Spending time outdoors represents the ultimate method of relaxing the mind and soul. The wonderful warm light outside encourages every single one of us to take a step and breathe into the beauty that’s around us.


  • Romantic dinners
  • Acoustic band nights
  • Evening night in a hot tub
  • A cozy evening in the lounge house
  • Profound decoration for steps on reception or the houses
  • To light the way through every corner of the resort
  • Making hand animals from the shade (for children)

David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

Als dynamische Person ist er höchst zufrieden, wenn er seinen Horizont erweitert. Er freut sich über neue Ideen und strebt stets danach, die besten Lösungen zu finden. Zu diesem Zweck sucht er in anderen nicht nach Inspiration; Er will neue Geschichten schaffen, anstatt nur alte zu wiederholen. Er arbeitet gerne mit zahlreichen Kunden an verschiedenen Projekten und hält ständig die neuesten Entwicklungen im Industriedesign. So füllt er Tag für Tag seine Arbeitszeit, indem er tut, was er am meisten liebt: Schaffen.

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