Luxury of freedom


BB Motorhome Point


BIG BERRY supports sustainability and works hard towards this goal. We stand to indirectly gain along with others in society, such as through environmental and health benefits that are helped along by cleaner cars.

We are open to new ideas and concepts for the future and also follow the new trends.

We all know, that electric car can help keep our town and our world be cleaner and less polluted. In general, electric vehicles produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles.

For the reason we have the motorhome stand at our parking lot for electric cars to recharge them again.

At BB Motorhome point BB guests can always plug-in electric vehicles and charge electric cars. We are saving energy and protecting our nature because nature is luxury.

The garbage bins and the Motorhome stand, as well as the terrace, are all in the same design and colour.


  • Electric car recharge station
  • Electricity for the motorhomes
  • Lightshow and sound system power source
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