Luxury of freedom


BB Mini House


Whatever we do, we do it with style.

A wooden replica of our trademark house, small enough to put it on display to welcome our guests and partners,  and big enough to offer a window to our world. Wooden pillars hold openness to new ideas and constant search towards new challenges and partnerships.

Paying attention to the tiniest detail, BB Mini House was carved and shaped for 500 hours - the same number of hours which are dedicated to making a real BB House.  
BB Mini House already marked 2018 for us and will surely take us on new adventures. Come to BB House, to see the BB Mini House! Until then, find out more about the making of the BB Mini House!



  • Travel partner for conferences
  • Dollhouse
  • Interior design planner assistant
  • Luxury Resort for WOI 2018' Soohorang and Bandabi
  • Keys holder
  • Thinking and Creative point
  • Minimalist decoration


With the same design as the actual House, mini house stands proudly, wherever you decide to put it. It's not just a toy house we have designed, so we could play in our spare time. It's so much more. BB Mini House is a warm, strong and smooth representation of our past achievements and future endeavours.

Every once in a while, when we hit the creative blockade, we just stand around the Mini House, and the ideas just pop in.

BB Mini House is our source of inspiration.


David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

Als dynamische Person ist er höchst zufrieden, wenn er seinen Horizont erweitert. Er freut sich über neue Ideen und strebt stets danach, die besten Lösungen zu finden. Zu diesem Zweck sucht er in anderen nicht nach Inspiration; Er will neue Geschichten schaffen, anstatt nur alte zu wiederholen. Er arbeitet gerne mit zahlreichen Kunden an verschiedenen Projekten und hält ständig die neuesten Entwicklungen im Industriedesign. So füllt er Tag für Tag seine Arbeitszeit, indem er tut, was er am meisten liebt: Schaffen.

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