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Radio Odeon-The power on radio!

Radio 1 Odeon started working in December 2000, as a result of the hard work of the future members. A lot of different people such as technicians, journalists, newsreaders, broadcasters, contributed to the founding of the regional radio. At the end of 2008, Radio Odeon joined the biggest radio station in Slovenia, Infonet media. Since February 2009, Radio Odeon Team grew in numbers and hence the quality of the independent regional radio, reached a notable level of professionalism.

The purpose of radio station and its website is to provide objective news, primarily regarding the region and of course, the state and the world. Radio Odeon is one of the most important communication channels to locally promote BIG BERRY events.

Specifically, Radio Odeon is a local radio station broadcasting across Bela krajina Region (White Carniola). Its program features news, current affairs, talk radio, entertainment, sport, music and local affairs. Radio's frequency is 89,5 MHz and major news can also be found on the official webpage. The website has between 25 and 57 thousand visitors per week; an impressive number for Bela krajina.

RIC Bela krajina was established to carry out tasks of local tourism organizations and business development centre for planning, organizing and implementing promotional and informational activities, to promote tourism and entrepreneurship development. The regular activities of the organization include: promotion of business development in Bela krajina Region, promotion of tourist destinations Bela krajina and Kolpa River, implementation of projects as organization of Jurjevanje in Bela krajina, seminars, workshops, training programs and other activities. The organization is responsible for guided tours in the region and cooperation in organizing business events for BIG BERRY.

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