Luxury of freedom


Meet Lana – a ray of sunshine from Germany

From BIG BERRY I would like to learn...

How to create such unique touristic concept and how to make your dream come true by run your business.

If I were an animal, I would be...

A tiger because it is a magnificent and gracious animal, with its splendid carriage and sinuous grace. This animal has power and is surrounded by a strong aura.

My favorite way of traveling is...

Road trips, where I can plan my trip by my own and decide where and how long I want to stay in one place. With a car you are flexible. But sometimes I also prefer comfort and luxury and decide to spend my holidays in a comfy hotel with a pool, beach and sea by flying there.

One thing from BIG BERRY, which I want to take with me, is...

BIG BERRY sticker and a berry tale, they are small, they represent the logo and so I can spread the spirit of luxury all over the world.

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