Luxury of freedom


A big welcome to Nika – the artist from Poland

If I could be a great painter and I needed to choose the one from already existing, I would choose...

Hard to choose from so many great artists who gave me inspiration... I should choose Gustav Klimt for his impressionist sense of color, precise line and shiny gold touch in his paintings. He influenced the next generations of artists and I wish I could do that too.

My favorite color is...

Turquoise, it always reminds me of the clear and warm sea.

The song that always makes my mood go up is... 

Whenever I listen to Bobby McFerrin song 'Don't worry, be happy' I feel better (and I like to join the whistling part).

I decided to be a part of BIG BERRY because...

Because my creativity and ideas can bloom and improve the projects we work on together. It's a motivational and rewarding job.

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