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5 th BB Chef - Margarita, a young cook with a grand plans!

A wonderful Russian lady Margarita Gabrielyan, who is studying international business in culinary in Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland, prepared delicious dishes for us and had a honor to become the 5th BIG BERRY Chef!


The idea of becoming a cook came to her mind when she was 13 years old. The main motivation for this thought was an opportunity to try everything. The possibility to work with the freshest products and newest technics also sounded very attractive for a little girl. For Margarita, being in a kitchen is like being in a laboratory. You create different things with the help of experiments, but in the end, you get something delicious instead of chemical elements.


This time for the 5thBIG BERRY Chef Edition Margarita’s Gabrielyan enchanted us with a main dish and a dessert.  But first, she‘ve visited TIK TAK Café, where she tried a blend of her favourite ice cream flavours: passion fruit, chocolate and mango.


For the main dish Margarita’ chosen:

Lamb tenderloin with homemade pasta, vegetables, topped with mushroom sauce.

Delicious and special homemade pasta meal with deliciously tender lamb tenderloin, topped with a creamy fragrant and flavorful mushroom sauce always using Zlati Ghee’s butter.. Served with cooked local vegetables for a complete meal. Perfect meal for the romantic dinner.

Watch cooking video here.


For the dessert Margarita’ chosen to cook:

Macaroons topped with a chocolate, lemon cream and fresh berries, served with raspberry sauce.

Delicious Macaroons topped with a drizzle chocolate, lemon cream and are packed with fresh berries flavor. All the ingredients makes Macaroons even more delicious. The eating experience is entirely different and they’re the perfect dessert to end an elegant dinner!

Watch cooking video here.


Right after her last plate, Margarita met Danilo Pavlovič, who gave her one of his company’s best product, which is a berry jam, and they spend some time talking and trying the dessert. Margarita said that she have enjoyed BIG BERRY because of the location and people. “I felt like I was a part of the team, not as a guest, so for me, it was really enjoyable”.

Read more about the event here.

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