Luxury of freedom


World traveller Maruša stopped in BIG BERRY to create inspiring designs


Our traveler Maruša is among the seven students from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb who came alongside their professor Irena Šabarić and her assistant Franka Karin and let their creativity gush out.

Our designer who is always on the move is from Maribor in Slovenia but actually found herself in Zagreb by studying industrial design and discovering a new country and a new culture. Indeed, traveling and discovering all that the world has to offer are among the things she likes the most in life with, of course, designing. She has already been in almost every continent of the planet, except one: Antarctic. Something tell us that the list will get longer and longer. Indeed, she told us she is used to travel and discover a new country every year!

Our free spirit also likes nature and finds her inspiration in it. For instance, she once designed a whole set of pillows in the shape of animals. Isn’t it amazing? Being surrounded by nature in Kolpa River Resort and designing in this luxury of freedom was consequently an amazing experience.

BIG BERRY is so happy for greeting this great designer and thanks her for participating in BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project.


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