Luxury of freedom


Welcome Elodie - French lady nomad

Why did you choose to come to BIG BERRY?
I chose BIG BERRY mostly because I had a really good feeling during the two interviews that we had. People were really nice during those interviews and really made me feel comfortable. In addition to that, I think the concept of the BIG BERRY resort is quite original and interesting. When we think about what luxury is, we tend to think about everything that glitters, that is gaudy and ostentatious; but I think luxury can also be the opportunity to disconnect from stress as well as all the problems we might have and reconnect with something that is really essential: nature. I guess that is why I chose BIG BERRY.

If you could choose any job, what would it be?
Basically, I just would like to have a job that would allow me to work also remotely so that I can travel anywhere and whenever I want. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be possible since I would like to become the head of the Marketing Department of a big Luxury Maison, but I might be too ambitious^^.

What do you believe, the future is bright or dark?
I can’t really tell… I would like it to be as bright as possible but my pessimist side isn’t sure it will be as bright as I want it to be, mostly because I think a lot of people do not care or take care enough of our planet and it will have more and more bad consequences.

What is your super power?
I’d say that I am super persistent, I never give up - no matter what - which allowed me more than once to step out from my comfort zone and live experiences I thought I would never had the opportunity to live. It allows me to grow a little bit more every day. I think that’s my superpower and I think this is what characterizes me the best.