Luxury of freedom


Welcome Dorota - our happy and active from Poland

If I'd be a chef, my signature recipe would be…

Morning cacao, which my boyfriend really likes.
But for me, the dish is not that important. More important is my guests in the restaurant. If there will be some well-known people I'd like to have nice chats with them.


BIG BERRY taught me…

That it’s really cool when you have a good team to work with. It also taught me how to behave with the partners. Because here we have a lot of partners and I learned how to keep this bond with them.


My favorite BIG BERRY partner is…

Samo from Berryshka, but also the Maja from Vizir. Those are this kind of people you can talk to about different topics and feel comfortable.


If I'd be a guest of BIG BERRY, most of all I’d like…

Jacuzzi, for sure. Because it’s a really good idea to swim in Kolpa river at first and later go to Jacuzzi. I like swimming, especially in open areas like lakes and rivers, and I like going to the other side of the river, and just this kind of thing like swimming in nature. And also I’d like to have some nice drinks from our partners, which I’d like to drink at the same time while having this Jacuzzi.

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