Luxury of freedom


This is Vita - First one in, last one out

Vita was one of the first interns to arrive to the BIG BERRY Resort back in April of 2016 and she'll be one of the last to leave the Resort this summer in late September.  She brings her spark and leadership skills to our team here at Big Berry Resort. While in the midst of finishing a thesis for her Masters degree in Media Culture she still handles inviting international journalists to visit our Resort and takes on the role of Community Manager with a smile.

Vita has a fervent desire to explore the world outside of where she grew up in Croatia and has spent a little over a year doing just that. After spending a semester abroad in Poland, then living in London, and returning home for a short time, she continues her journey abroad here at BIG BERRY Resort. Vita brings her expertise in relationship building and outgoing personality to bring our team together. She's excited have the opportunity to show others what Big Berry has to offer for all travellers. If you're a blogger or journalist you'll most likely be hearing from her soon!