Luxury of freedom


This is Cristina (Španka) – And She Will Return

“I was already here in Slovenia when I heard about the opportunity with BIG BERRY”. Christina is no stranger to the Bela Krajina region of Slovenia. In fact, this is her seventh time back in town and most definitely not her last time. In an interview with her she reminisced, “I don’t know why I come back. Just something always calls me back here, to Bela Krajina. It’s the energy”.  

Christina has been in Črnomelj since early March working on a European project before starting her time on the intern team at BIG BERRY August of 2016. Since she’s been at resort, Christina has been working on the BB Magazine, with social event management, and up-keeping our Pinterest account. Her knowledge of the area and 10+ years of experience in the tourism field have been an asset to the whole BIG BERRY team. Christina is excited to work with a company that is bringing a fresh idea to the tourism field: “It’s a great business idea because people come and don’t know the area. I love the idea of community partnerships because it makes luxury tourism more sustainable and accessible to visitors”.

What is Christina going to miss once she leaves BIG BERRY Resort? “Well, here at Resort we really got to live the slogan ‘Luxury Of Freedom’ – every day we were living, working, and playing together. A mix of work and fun activities in a beautiful area. I’m going to miss the whole experience”. I may be a little biased, but I know all of us at BIG BERRY feel the same.


Author: Mollie Leal