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The secrets for maximizing your productivity at work

Have you ever wondered how much time you're spending on various tasks including social media, email, word processing, and apps? Recently published articles shows that only around 17 percent of people are capable of estimating the passage of time.

Tonja Blatnik is experienced in communication and has a burning passion for storytelling. During Mastermind lecture which was held in BIG BERRY Kolpa River in the middle of May 2017, she gave the example of creativity at work and employee’s satisfaction with their job. She emphasized that it is worth thinking about the period in our life when we felt the most productive.

According to psychologists’ theory, if you do several tasks at once, it can result in loss of time and productivity. Instead, you can concentrate on one project before moving to the next one.

As Blatnik explained, “Nowadays you want your freedom, you want to be creative, you want collaboration. If you are not ready to lead yourself, you are not ready to lead the others".

In an interview for BIG BERRY, she concluded her ideas in a simple sentence, " Many of us don't feel comfortable anymore to be "locked up" in one job position, one office, with one boss, for our whole lives.”

If you feel the need to increase your productivity at work, it requires being more concentrated about how you manage your time. You should focus on ways how to make yourself work smarter, not harder...