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The Dutch Ambassador at BIG BERRY

An incredibly important visitor at BIG BERRY!

On Wednesday 16 of August 2017 the Dutch ambassador Bart Twaalfhoven together with the mayor of Metlika visited BIG BERRY.

After a short excursion around the beautiful place next to the Kolpa River and a quick look at the BIG BERRY house, the special guest was really satisfied with everything he saw. Being in Bela Krajina not for the first time, he knows a lot about the region. “It is fully developed but not well-known,” – says the ambassador. And those words are so right! He really appreciates BIG BERRY for spreading the word about such a beautiful place as the Bela Krajina region. “I absolutely like it. The access to the water is great”. The Kolpa River can make even the ambassador fall in love! 

“Even though the visit was short, it was really interesting and nice. I hope when I will come back in a couple of years, I will see a blooming park here,” – says mr. Twaalfhoven. Hopefully, his words will become true!

BIG BERRY is really grateful for the kind words form such a great visitor!