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The band S.A.R.S. visits BIG BERRY

It is well known that the summers are the ideal for enjoy the weather, nature, outdoor activities and festivals. The region of Bela krajina, where the first BIG BERRY resort is located, enriches the region with numerous music festivals that take place throughout the summer season. In the first year of the opening, 2016, BIG BERRY had the privilege to host the well-known Serbian alternative rock band S.A.R.S.

The band was formed in March 2006 and reached its success in 2008 with the song "Buđav lebac" that launched them to international stardom. Ever since the band has become a benchmark in the musical world, both in their native country and in the rest of the ex-Yugoslavian countries.

The band had the privilege to enjoy a pleasant evening, before the concert, on the terrace of the resort, where they dined the delicacies provided by our partner Gostišče Veselič. The evening was very pleasant for the group and it ensured them all the energy they needed to give an amazing concert. Following the concert in Metlika, S.A.R.S. later returned to the resort to rest after an unforgettable night. The band enjoyed the incredible and comfortable facilities of the mobile houses equipped with hot tubs and all the luxury included.