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Shakira - Her hips don't lie

We all remember the time when we tried to move our hips like Shakira in her "Whenever Wherever" music video. Shakira, a girl from Baranquilla, Columbia, conquered the world with her voice and dance moves. Starting her career at the age of 13 Shakira was soon well known in Spanish-speaking countries. But it was when she switched to singing in English when the world started paying attention to the Columbian talent. Shakira does not only represent Latin-Pop music but covers all other music genres which makes so many different people swing along her songs. Anyhow, Shakira does not only give everything behind the microphone. Founding the Pies Descalzos Foundation, being part of the ALAS Foundation or overtaking responsibility as an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador represent Shakiras focus on universal education and early childhood development, particularily health, nutrition and stimulation of children who are not yet in school in her humanitarian and advocacy work.

Although right now, the Columbian star supports her husband during the European Championship in Football in France instead of being on stage herself, music from her country is present all over the world. For example at the Jurjevanje festival in Črnomelj, a city in Slovenia's Bela krajina region. This years edition of the international folklore festival also includes many performances of Columbian dancers and musicians, who bring their dancing and musical tradition to Europe. Check out which performance made the BIG BERRY team's hips move on the first day of the festival that lasts from June 22nd until June 26th.