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Rihanna - Stops in Berlin to pose with a giant statue of herself

While on her ANTI world tour, Rihanna made a stop in Berlin to pose with a giant statue of herself. The singer posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Went to visit my boobs the biggest they'll ever be,” in front of the massive statue. There was one thing particularly unique about the larger-than-life shrine to Bad Gal RiRi: It seems to be missing her head.

The work was installed at the Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art in June as part of Berlin’s Biennale. It was created by Juan Sebastián Peláez, a Colombian mixed media artist. The Rihanna statue is part of Peláez’s ongoing series of massive headless human bodies. While the piece could easily be mistaken as a simple shrine to the popular singer, the artist, Peláez, was inspired by 16th-century New World explorers who returned home, describing the “Blemmyae.” These natives were, supposedly, headless with faces on their upper bodies.

The other works in the series all feature the faces and bodies of Caribbean and Latin American pop stars and athletes, including J-Lo, Sofia Vergara and Colombian soccer player Radamel Falcao.

Berlin’s 9th Biennale runs until September 18, with special installations at several of the city’s contemporary art galleries.

Here at BIG BERRY, we don't have any giant statues of international stars, but we do support local artists looking to do work that makes people think. Check out the bodypainting event with Jasmina Bator we had a couple of weeks ago here on camp. See the whole album here

Source:, Author: Cailey Rizzo