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Renowned guests at the BB Chef and BB Mastermind events

First weekend of May 2018 was not only special because of the two successful project events that took place on Saturday, 5 May, but also due to our well-known guests that have participated in them.

The 4th BB Chef of Season 2018, Almir Begič, prepared lunch for about 30 people among which there were the mayor of Metlika, Darko Zevnik, director of RIC Bela krajina, Peter Črnič and the president of TD Vigred Metlika, Rudi Vlašič. Projects like these were created by the BB team exactly for the following reasons: networking, spreading knowledge and creating a place for advancement of everyone in the destination -  officials, students, local entrepreneurs and international guests.

“The BB Chef project is very pleasing to me since it gives the opportunity to learn about the diversity of top quality cuisine prepared with raw ingredients from the local environment of Bela krajina. It is very admirable that BIG BERRY started this project, through which the widest range of domestic products are used and promoted.” said Rudi Vlašič, the president of Tourism Society  Vigred Metlika.

Each guest received a present from the chef prepared at his restaurant, the Pule Estate - Slovenia, which is one of the 10 top regional restaurants in Slovenia in 2018. During the afternoon hours, BB team prepared a completely different scenery for the start of the 2018 BB Mastermind season with Martina Simonič, who talked about ‘Leadership – how you do anything is how you do everything’.

“BB Mastermind brings fresh ideas that encourage thinking outside the box. The talks are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, during which we ask questions, but we all need to come up with the answers on our own. It is a pleasant and useful exercise, which also perfectly complements the activities we perform in the incubator of Bela krajina.”, says Peter Črnič, director of RIC Bela krajina.

With all onsite events, BB is constantly laying foundations for professional development, networking and destination promotion.