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Remote working causes lower stress levels and higher productivity

There are still many doubts about remote work that need to be resolved.

Firstly, managers have the urge to constantly supervise the workers, mostly because they are not sure if the work will be completed unless the employer is at the central office.

Jure Šutar is working as a consultant for the European region, but he also provides expert advice about remote work. Jure was hosted as BIG BERRY Mastermind in 2017, in order to talk about remote work. According to his lecture and interesting presentation, working from the office is not the most productive, as people often tend to believe. He says that  "meetings, coffee breaks, phone calls, 'urgent' interruptions from your co-workers, instead of contributing to a productive workday, make you have a series of work moments. It’s no surprise you’re not productive!".

Although researchers say that, when you get the freedom to work on your own, the productivity increases significantly. For example, the Slack application is a useful tool to bring team communication and collaboration into one place, so the work can be done faster, whether by a member of a particular group or an organization. It is just a stereotype that remote workers lack contact and communication.

As Jure Šutar explained to the BIG BERRY team, a great variety of online tools and social media platforms represent various benefits for this type of work. Meetings are also effective when conducted via Skype, Messenger, E-mail, Dropbox, Google Docs, Campfire, Basecamp, Zoom. Human networks and communities are constantly growing, making cooperative actions possible. There are no difficulties in communication as the level of engagement among the people is quite high.

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