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Online Architecture Course from Frank Gehry

Technology is reshaping future in a different manner than as we couldn't see until now. Frank Gehry who is one of the famous Canadian-born American architects has started to collaborate with tech.

" Frank Gehry will teach an architectural and design course for MasterClass, an online training platform that shares his creative process and criticizes student work.

For $ 90 (about £ 72), Gehry's Masterclass case studies will include 15 video lessons of courses on his architectural philosophy using sketches and models.

Each class is accompanied by a downloadable workbook along with abstracts and assignments. Students will also be able to upload their own videos to get feedback from the rest of the group, with Gehry criticizing outstanding works.

Gehry's masterclass, which will be launched in the spring of this year, will take a look at the unprecedented model archive.

"When you build a building, any building, start with the simple block model to see where that goes," says Gehry in a promotional video for the course. "