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Nikola Tesla - Magician of Electricity

Nikola Tesla, without whom we would not live as comfortable as we do, celebrates his 160th birthday today (10.7.16). Other than his biggest rival, Thomas A. Edison, who focusses his invention on the profit it makes for a company, Tesla's inventions answered the purpose to utilise natural forces for human needs. Tesla, who was born in the Croatian village Smiljan, has been fascinated by the mysterical effect of electricity. He never worked with sketches or models but planned, corrected and fixed everything in his mind. His mind clearly was extraordinary. He repeated specific tasks so that the number of repetitions was divisible by three, felt hot when he saw a peach, calculated the capacity of soup plates, rooms etc, was disgusted by other people's hair and hated pearls and earrings. Anyhow that did not prevent him from studying electricity elaborately and develop the alternating current system. Despite many challenges he faced on his way Tesla gifted the world with major discorveries in the field of electricity, for example the first remote control.

As we enjoy the luxury of sitting on the couch in our BIG BERRY mobile houses, grab the remote control and watch a movie on TV, we raise our glasses and drink to one of the most unselfish inventors the world has ever seen.

Oh, and did you know that the village where Tesla was born is named after the herb "smilje" (eng.: imortelle), which grows all over our camp area? Come and check for yourself!