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Melania's Products

The creativity of business owners in Slovenia is inventing new kind of marketing style in Slovenia. The one of the latest brand name the Sevnica makes the Slovenian products that base on the First Lady of America Melania Trump famous for worldwide.

The brand owner already has introduced Sevnica 's blue Frankish, traditional salami, pastry, beauty creams, chocolates, dried apple slices, herbal tea and unique mugs. These products is started to selling via several global websites, such as British wine and lifestyle magazine Decanter and the Time in the US.

On the other hand, besides these marketing promotions, the municipality is working on new Visit Sevnica logo to create a new visual identity for the town. Additionally, The range of Melania’s are including the Melania cake, crepes,  dessert cups, pie and a presidential burger. If you are fun of Melania or not, come to taste her products :D