Luxury of freedom


Meet Tuuli, our curious Finnish snowflake

Welcome, Tuuli. How are you?

Ahm, I am fine, as always. I'm always positive!

Can you tell me where you're from?

I am from Finland. The country of forests and lakes. *Proud*

Is a glass for you half empty or half full?

It depends how it was before, full or empty. 

What animal would you like to be?

A Monkey, they’re adorable!

Are you sad, that you can only have 2 skin tones, white and red?

Hahahah, actually yes :(

How do you like BIG BERRY?

I think it's a really cool place because of the workplace, surroundings and people. It has a modern concept.

Would you change Finland for a country with normal summer?

But, we DO have a normal summer! *LOL*

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Curious, thoughtful and overthinking.

What’s your favorite word?

Hmm...But WHY?


Thank you, Tuuli!