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Meet Simon, international design star


One of the most precious assets a person can own is knowledge and it becomes even more valuable when shared with others. Our group of young and talented Architecture students from Ljubljana had a special mentor during their stay and participation in our BB Design Year Project - Simon Morasi Piperčić.

‘’I like this constant change and difference from project to project.’’

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Simon is a product designer who works with diverse design brands, from young and talented Croatian brand with a lot of progressive potential Prostoria, all the way to French multinational company Ligne Roset. His international portfolio also includes two Danish brands - Bolia and Woud, which Simon predicts a bright future due to their expertise and professional approach. It’s not hard to see that our BB Product designer values brands and individuals who want to make use of their talent in order to develop their skills. That’s why he was more than happy to join our project and guide six students to create designs for prospective BIG BERRY elements. If we could summarize the opinions of half a dozen divergent minds briefly, Simon would get an A+ for his leadership. Not that he lacks honours. In fact, he is the proud winner of two Red Dot, the German Design and Interior Innovation award. It’s truly a great feeling to receive recognitions from organizations and people that one admires. Our students felt very flattered after receiving praise from Simon. He described their thinking as very analytical, just like his own. When it comes to design, everything has to make sense. From the whole picture to the smallest details. That is something typical for Simon’s work. His award winning Rhomb Chair is a solid, rigid and comfortable chair with long armrests, which offer an easy switch from a formal to a more relaxed sitting position.

‘’I like this calmness in BIG BERRY and would definitely love to come back!’’

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Simon’s compliments towards our BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort made us also blush. He sees enormous potential in our concept and described the open space in our nature as a perfect playground for creative work. He didn’t only inspire a brilliant group of young people to create something innovative, but also motivated our team to continue believing in our vision of an unique lifestyle brand concept.