Luxury of freedom


Meet Šarunas, our genius photographer from Lithuania

Hi Šarunas. How did you find this magical place called BIG BERRY?

A friend of mine recommended me this place. He was also here working as an intern and my college professors encouraged me to work and travel in other destinations.

Can you tell me what’s your profession and why you're passionate about it?

I'm still a student but work as a photographer during my intership. I think that photography is a tool which helps to speak about certain things. A photograph is a memory that you always carry. You carry the time, space and life in that photograph. 

Why did you decide to listen to your professor and start travelling?

I see this experience as a collection of photographs. For me it’s like an album that represents my life and I will cherish it one day when I see all the different places I visited and people I met.

You think this will also help you improve your skills?

Certainly. It's all about different cultures. You need to see every good and bad aspect of these cultures. All these things show me what can be improved in life and how i can improve.

Were you always fascinated by photography?

It started when I was 18 years old and bought my first camera. It was the time when Facebook got popular and I saw so many excellent photos. Just like when you hear a good band playing and you immediately want to buy a guitar. You buy these things first just to have fun. Now im using it for work and the fun is still here.

How do you like BIG BERRY so far?

I have the opportunity to meet so many different cultures in one place. That’s the luxury of freedom for me here, I don't have to travel so much. :)

Can you tell me which animal you would like to be?

It depends...hmmmm

Maybe a bird, you can travel many places then.

Yeah, but it also depends which bird,...

Okay, so you go into details always. Just like in photography?

Yes, the details are important because every little aspect of the picture, every corner, process of making the picture. It all makes the whole story. 

And you are now part of our BIG BERRY story. Thank you for that!