Luxury of freedom


Meet Özüm, our joyful designer from Turkey

BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort
is very proud to present our new designer, Özüm İdem Helvacıoğlu all the way from Turkey! Özüm is a product designer finishing her last year at TOBB University of Economics and Technology and during her internship at BIG BERRY she also became part of our BB Design Year project.

Before her internship at BIG BERRY, Özüm has been working in different fields for two years, which has given her an opportunity to learn a lot. She really enjoys trying new things and improving herself in various ways. In the field of design, she loves being able to make her own decisions and making people’s lives easier by producing solutions to their problems. That’s why she is mostly interested in designing smart products.

Last year, Özüm finished her biggest and most difficult project, a prosthetic hand for children. She designed the hand that is easy to use: a rope on the hand allows a natural movement of the elbow. The hand is also designed so that it allows the use of a computer mouse: Özüm created a mechanism on the wrist that allows turning the hand on a suitable position to use the computer mouse. That way the children with prosthetic hand can also enjoy computers to the fullest!

During her working period in BIG BERRY, Özüm had a chance to also design something special for our BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. She designed a bicycle that fits perfectly in the resort with its design and colors – the bicycle with red violet color and vertical stripes is an extension to BIG BERRY’s brand identity. Her idea was born from her experience here: she saw that our guests love exploring resort and the Bela krajina region on two wheels. Now they will be able to do it on genuine BIG BERRY bicycles!

As all the BIG BERRY brand elements in the resort are made exclusively to fit in the resort, Özüm’s design is a great chance for us to add one more element: BIG BERRY bicycles! BIG BERRY resort is a place where we care about health and well-being, and it is also a place for everyone to learn new skills. Özüm’s bicycles are not only connected with BIG BERRY with aesthetics, but they have amazing functionality which fits to our idea of LUXURY OF FREEDOM - her bicycles have built in gyroscopes to assist in finding and remaining balance for beginners in riding a bike! In BIG BERRY, everyone will have equal chances to be active and healthy and to develop new skills!

Out of all the different brand elements, Özüm’s favorite is the BB Butterfly Chair: “It is so comfortable I just want to sleep!” She found the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to be the real LUXURY OF FREEDOM experience where she had the chance to design freely in the gorgeous Slovenian nature. We can’t wait to explore Bela krajina with the BIG BERRY bicycles!